Property Investor Insurance

We Make Sure Your Investment Property Is Insured Properly!

Whether you call it Investor Insurance, Investor Property Insurance, Real Estate Investor Insurance, Property Insurance for Investors or Property Investor Insurance, we’ve got you covered. Our agents have been helping investors properly insure their investment properties in Riverview, Tampa, Pinellas, Clearwater and the surrounding areas of Eastern Hillsborough County and Manatee County for more than 20 years.

Investor Insurance Can Cover You For:

Don’t Overlook Investment Property Insurance

We’ve been doing this for a long time. And what we’ve found is that getting the right insurance coverage is something that is often overlooked by real estate investors and landlords.

However, proper coverage is vital if you want to be both careful and successful with your investment. In the event of a partial or total property loss or potential lawsuits, if you are not properly insured, you could find yourself facing financial and legal issues.

Get the Right Insurance for the Right Investment

With the proper insurance in place, you can hedge yourself against loss – vandalism, theft, fire or potential injury to workers who are coming and going.

You also want to make sure that you’re choosing the right coverage so that your investment is not overinsured, underinsured, insured incorrectly or that the cost of premiums affects your cash flow.

We Provide Insurance Based on your Specific Needs and Requirements

  • We help evaluate your insurance needs for your investment
  • Answer any and all questions you’re sure to have
  • Shop the available policies of various insurance carriers
  • Explain the differences in available policies
  • Help you choose the right coverage plan
Tampa Investor Insurance

We Specialize in Investor Insurance

Because of the inherent risk, not every insurance company will provide coverage for property investors. And more importantly, very few insurance companies here in the Tampa Bay area have agents who have real, knowledgeable experience working with investors.

But we do. Agent Larry Johnson has been working directly with investors for more than 25 years. His longtime experience with these types of insurance policies and his involvement with the Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association (SREIA) and other similar groups has allowed him to become a local expert when it comes to understanding, evaluating and recommending the right coverage for his investor clients.

Let’s Get Started

If you need help evaluating and choosing the best insurance coverage for your investment property, or would like to compare your current insurance policy with other options that might be available, you can get started right now by calling (813) 672-4100, emailing us or contacting us through our form.